Meet James

I have been involved in sports and athletics my entire life. I played soccer, swimming, basketball, football, & track. I swam competitively for my neighborhood summer league through high school as a lifeguard. I taught and coaches swimming as well. I was a lifeguarding at Six Flags and since then my love for swimming and aquatic work has returned and flourished through my different social and career paths. I have been Lifeguard and WSI certified through multiple sources over the past 9 years with my different aquatics ventures. With almost a decade of guarding, instructing, coaching, and water safety experience I know what to expect day to day and I have a passion for what I do!

About me

Teaching/ Experience

  • Lifeguard at Six Flags

  • Lifeguard with summer swim leagues.

  • 4 years of water instruction.

  • Youth sports coach for many years.


Interesting/Fun Facts

    • My hobbies and passions include everything from playing sports, working out, playing music, working on cars, :& building furniture.

    • I am an athletic minded individual with a passion for sports and fitness. I have probably played a little bit of every sport throughout my lifetime and love to stay active and be outdoors.

    • My friend and I had a metal band during my high school and early college days, we played many shows around the south Texas area and even recorded a few EP’s and albums. I still break out my guitar or bass every once in a while and jam.

    • Carpentry is another huge passion of mine, I love to work with my hands and build something from scratch. I build custom furniture and outdoor projects as well as have done larger contracting jobs on the side.

    • I am very artistic and I try to utilize that in all of my wood and metalworking projects. Really I just like to keep myself busy by doing different things that I truly love and enjoy.

Why I love working at MGR
I love being a swim instructor! I love to share my knowledge with others and help them succeed at something. Teaching and coaching are in my blood and I thoroughly enjoy being able to lead individuals to their goals while also learning from them and building relationships with my students. The kids make the coach just as much as the coach makes the kids. You have to succeed together as a team! I truly believe everyone should learn how to swim, whether it be with ambitions to become a competitive swimmer or just to be safe in the water, it is and important skill to have. We are teaching life saving skills as well as social skills and having fun! MGR is a family owned company that truly cares about families!

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