swimming instructor

Meet Caleb


Caleb teaches at our Rogers Ranch location. Caleb’s joy in working with children and his swim team background are a great combination for his swimmers. His energy is positive and he shares his love of the water with passion each time he steps in the pool.

About me

I love showing kids they can do more then they thought. Seeing their reaction when they realized they’re ½ way across the pool or all the way, when they only thought they could do a few feet is the most rewarding part of teaching! I love being around kids and inspiring them to be better then they were the last time.

I’ve been in a swimming club since I was 6 until my senior year of high school, and I have coached 3 summer leagues. I swam competitively for 11 years through my senior year of high school and was 0.1 second from breaking the state record for 50 Meter Backstroke my senior year!

Caleb's Teaching Style

Energetic & Fun, Safely Pushing Swimmers to New Limits
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