MGR Certified swimming coach

Meet Bella


Bella teaches at our Bandera Pointe location and has built a following of happy young swimmers. Her blend of swim team experience, fun personality and our curriculum create a great learning environment for her swimmers.

About me

Swim Background

  • After my first swim lesson as a kid, my coach suggested I join a swim team because I could swim in straight line.  Shortly after my first swim lesson I began competitively swimming and earning medals.   I swam competitively for over 5 years, continuing to improve my times and advancing onto faster teams. At Health Careers HS I advanced to regional swim meets and medaled in many championships  I was the water polo team captain in high school and went on to play water polo for the University of Chicago.


  • My first job was as a Lifeguard, where I learned to teach swimming lessons  As a longtime swimmer, I wanted to spread my love and passion for swimming as my swim lesson instructor did for me so many years ago.  


Teaching Experience

  • Swim Lesson instructor / Lead Instructor
  • Certified as a Water Safety Instructor
  • Swim team coach. (I taught one student who was a beginner and by end of summer team she advanced to the State Meet in all of her events).
  • Level 2 Instructor at MGR Swim Sports – 1 Year


My Future Goals/Interesting Fact

  • Teaching swim lessons is something I truly enjoy but it helps with my future goals.  I always knew I had a passion for medicine and science.  When I first started teaching swim lessons, the positive feedback from parents and students revealed to me that I have a knack for reaching children.  It drives me to my dream of becoming a pediatric oncologist.


Why I love teaching at MGR

  • With MGR, I am able to see my students return for sessions and I can see progress and continue to deepen my bond, allowing them to trust me more, and making the class run smoother. I want to continue to fuel my passion for swimming and working with children, and MGR can sustain my drive to spread the love of swimming to many of my students.
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